The “Bon”fun began five centuries ago.

What makes Bonfun so unique, so rare and so ethereally delicious?

Start with the skills of our Master Distiller, Jean-Francois Rault. A veteran of Remy Martin and other fine houses, Jean-Francois owns the largest organic grape vineyard in France, in the Fin Bois section of Cognac, in Charente.



While there are several other grape growers for cognac in that region, there are very few master distillers, and none with the seasoned sensitivities of Jean- Francois.

Jean-Francois takes the “organic” designation seriously, and that’s why Bonfun wine is ECO-certified organic, grown with no presticides or chemically-produced fertilizers. Our Bonfun wine is aged 8 years. Bonfun Cognac is aged 10 years.